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Welcome to my Lucid Lush™ Art Haus

My artwork is an exploration of the realm of divine creative presence I personally describe as the Lucid Lush™, an infinitely expanding visionary dreamtime space unfolding as the multi-dimensional expression of beauty.
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: the art haus :

Welcome to my Lucid Lush™ Art Haus, a space dedicated to sharing the work I create as a fine artist with my collectors and followers.  Here you can view visual galleries of my work, stay updated on news and events, and purchase original artwork and limited edition prints.  To stay updated when new work becomes available and get more connected with my process, you can subscribe to my email list and follow me on instagram: @lucidlush

: the inspiration :

Lucid is the dreamer in the Lush and lulling land…..seeking the voice that speaks through her own hand….

My art process is personal and poetic, thoughtful and intuitive, passionate and meditative. My subject consists of shapes, lines, and colors emerging as forms and symbols to express the mythical, sensual, spiritual, provocative, playful and ever-present unfoldment of being. By allowing the authentic quality of the media to work through me, the lucid lush™ experience comes alive through brush and pen, engaging the viewer into the visceral act of painting and drawing…..an act of the dreaming divine…the dance of the lucid line™.

: the aesthetic :

lush – fluid – visceral – structural – spatial – harmonic

: the artist :

Brianna Lamar is an artist & designer from Ojai, California working primarily in fine art, with a background in the fine arts, jewelry design and fabrication, and textile and apparel graphics design.  She holds an Associate Degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC where she spent one year abroad studying at Polimoda in Florence, Italy, while partaking in extra-curricular activities such as medieval archery in the woods, working on organic farms, riding a mountain bike to school across the cobblestone streets and most notably, eating gelato pinolata (pine nut ice cream)!!

Working from both intuition and observation, Brianna is inspired by the interplay of the light, color, space and structure forming the external natural world, the inner dimensions of visionary inspiration, and the unique visceral qualities of the chosen tools and materials.  Her work frequently exudes a mystical allure of sensual seduction, with a style that is lush, feminine and complex, yet informed by a masculine sense of structure, space and minimalism.

Brianna has had a natural talent and passion for art since childhood.  She won her first award for a pastel portrait of her favorite animal (a tiger) from the local Ojai Rotary Club at age 13 and sold her first artwork at age 15.  After college in 2006 at age 21 she had her first solo show at Farmer and the Cook in Ojai, CA which featured oil paintings of horses and watercolors of female nudes.   From Aug. 2007 – Jan. 2010 she was represented by a professional gallery showcasing modern abstract art in Santa Barbara, CA.  For several years she sold artwork online directly to collectors across the United States and Europe.

A few years later she shifted her focus back to fashion and began working in the industry and developing her own label, launching her first full jewelry collection in 2014.  In March 2016 she opened her own weekend gallery in downtown Ojai, CA where she sold her designer adornments and original artwork from her collection of earlier unsold works, along with some new limited edition prints.  She represented a few other local artists as well and ran this gallery for one year, selling her own work to people from all over the United States.

With the launch of this online shop in November of 2018, Brianna has returned her full focus to where the core of her heart resides: creating artwork and sharing it with others.  She has always been committed to her life-long path as a fine artist and looks forward to this next phase of her journey.

To learn more about her background and experience, please visit: briannalamar.com

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